There is a special beauty to life being a means for the universe to discover itself.  But life is more than that.  It is a manifestation of consciousness.  It is a unique opportunity for the universe to perceive itself in the third dimension.

Life, then, is a form of perspective from which the universe is observable.

Within that perspective is a multiplicity of sub-perspectives.  I think of these as the differences in life experiences that every one of the seven billion of us has had.  A child in Asia, for instance, has a completely different sub-perspective than an elderly person in South America.  Our collective sub-perspectives amount to the myriad of experiences that together create the human condition.

It follows logically that the human condition is an inevitable byproduct of life as a universal perspective.

There is no more selfish a thought than to consider human life as the only universal perspective in existence.  Even in the unlikely scenario that our pale blue dot may contain the entire gamut of life as we know it in the observable universe, that is by no means an indication that we are collectively the universe’s only percipient witnesses.

Therefore, life is one of many possible universal perspectives, of which the human condition—an amalgamation of earthly sub-perspectives—is an inevitable byproduct.

Life as we know it may not be rare in the grand scheme of the universe, but it is rare enough to be scarcely scattered amidst the grand vastness of space-time.  The human condition, being a derivative of that life, is even rarer given that life as a concept is not limited to human life alone.  Thus, our sub-perspectives, being constituent parts of the human condition, are very rare in and of themselves.

Your life is rare.  Treasure every moment of it.

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  1. Julie Sullivan says:

    Yes I believe we should use every opportunity to experience happiness and make the most out of what we have on Earth here as far as we it up

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