Biocentric Universe

Great read:

I’m not sure if life creates the universe (see criticism of Lanza).  His book seems like a very insightful read. The only problem I have with Lanza is that he goes a little further than say that our perception affects our feel of the universe. He full-on proposes that we CREATE the universe. Interestingly, he can be both wrong and right at the same time, because we do create the universe that we perceive, but that doesn’t mean we are also creating the universe that simultaneously preexists (or might preexist) our conscience.

But I agree that our perception impacts our “feel” of the universe. Or I should call it multiverse–because:

There are an infinite number of universes and everything that could possibly be (and happen) is being and happening.  or example, if I can fathom that Obama and John McCain are gay lovers that live in a red house with blue sand and eight-legged giraffes, then that scenario exists somewhere.

Quantum mechanics is the answer to life (and “death”).

Note: I would simplify biocentrism to the idea that life in the universe is a reflection of the universe reflecting on itself. But I don’t think this necessarily warrants biocentrism as a reality, because, while we might be “creating” the universe as far as our purposes and perceptions are concerned, that doesn’t mean there is no universe without our created perception of it. Go back to the double-split test: the particle was still doing SOMETHING (it was behaving as a wave) even before the scientists watched it. Similarly, the universe can still exist (and not necessarily in the traditional sense of existence) prior to our subjective rendering of it.

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