The President of the United States Has Read My Blog

I kid you not.  At least I can tell you that that I received a hit to my blog from the “Executive Office Of The President USA” (EXOP).

I’m pretty sure it’s a legitimate hit because the President (or his peons) were searching on Bing for foreign holders of US national debt through this URL: of US national debt&FORM=BIFD –> And of course, as of today, the third image that loads on that page is from my most popular blog entry (which actually has been getting hits from search engines quite frequently).

presidential.png Oh, and for those of you wondering how I tracked the hit–I use a hidden counter that displays the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and approximate locations of computers that access my blog.  In this case, the  ISP was listed as the “Executive Office Of The President USA” (EXOP) and the location was tracked as Washington, District of Columbia.  Click the image to the left to see what it looks like.

The be sure, I also traced the IP address of the hit and I can definitely confirm that it was a government hit from the Obama administration.  Of course, the address on that page displays the location of the network, hence the address is a random place in DC.  This is typical for any ISP–if I track my own IP address, it won’t spit my exact address.  However, given the fact that the Organization Name is EXOP, and that the search term is relevant to something the president’s administration has been concerned about moreso than ever, I would conclude that someone from his cabinet, if not himself or his close peons, has indeed accessed my Blog.

I’m presidential now, motherfuckers! 🙂

P.S. White House, please update your browsers to IE8 at the very least, or just use Firefox.  I can’t believe they’re using IE7–security breach imminent! Although I must say that the fact the IP I tracked is using older software/hardware reinforces my belief about the identity of the user, namely due to the fact that the White House has been known for using outdated technology

7 Responses to “The President of the United States Has Read My Blog”

  1. Heather says:


    Just found your blog searching for “Executive Office Of The President USA”. I, too, got a hit from it on my blog. I was curious to see if it was real. My blog is just a little thing and not too many readers, so I didn’t think it was the real thing. Besides, wouldn’t the EXOP conceal their identity more than that? At least scramble it or something? But like you said, they are known for using outdated technology.

  2. Robert says:

    Hi Heather,

    It looks like they do their research to see what people are feeling/blogging about, politically. (I see your Blog is political too.)

  3. Alaleh Kamran says:

    I am a bit more sinister than that… maybe the DHS is running digital security check on all computers harvesting certain “words” and/or “entries” … which then would be translated into a more “personalized” approach thru the use of a “special agent”… you know, just saying! …

  4. Pat says:

    Loved your comment: “I’m presidential now, motherfuckers!” I laughed out loud.

    I was searching this topic because I got a hit on my blog today from the Executive Office of the Prez.

    Didn’t know if I should be scared or proud of myself. My blog is about foreclosures so I guess they could be legitimately interested.

    Seeing that was a shock to my system today. A few weeks ago, the Treasury visited. So, we see they are searching just like us mortals.

  5. Robert says:

    Thanks Pat! That’s interesting to know. At least they’re making a genuine effort to see what people are blogging about. Or maybe they lack statistics and rely on blog data–which would be horrible! Hehe.

  6. Star says:

    Mmm, you do know that the EOP refers to a motley collection of divisions that employs over a 1,000 people, right? You do know it doesn’t refer to the Oval Office right? lol

  7. Robert says:

    That’s why I noted in the third sentence that it could be one of the President’s peons. 😉

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