God… just is.

My friend recently proposed the idea that life in the grand scheme of things might just be one big joke.  I thought my response was worth sharing:

In my opinion, all of “this” is not necessarily a “joke,” because you have to remember that whatever extra-dimensional force is responsible for “all this,” it doesn’t operate the same way we do. “It” doesn’t have a biological system that feels emotions like we do. I am more inclined to believe that the universe/multiverse/whatever-it-is is merely a limbo state of neutral apathy (not malevolent or benevolent apathy–JUST neutral limbo-apathy). A big mistake we make as humans is to try to give anthropomorphic qualities to this transcendence by saying things like “God is love. God is a dick. God is great. God is a joke.” God just is. It cannot be interpreted through biological emotion.  I think there’s something similar in Buddhism about this.

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